All movement originates from the brain and nervous system. Therefore, our primary focus is on enhancing the communication between your brain and body. Our training regimen emphasizes neuromuscular efficiency to maximize your body’s physical potential. As a result, you will experience improvement in stability, mobility, strength, coordination, and power.

Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement

The basis of our training program focuses on fundamental movement patterns in an effort to prevent any significant orthopedic problems from arising. In addition, we understand how to fine-tune the neuromuscular system in order to prepare your body for life’s daily physical tasks and activities. Learning proper body position and muscular activation will allow your body to function more efficiently.

Orthopedic Injuries & Rehabilitation

Our staff has the expertise and tools to rehabilitate a wide variety of orthopedic injuries, from sprains and strains to surgical procedures. Utilizing the same training principles to safely and efficiently restore proper neuromuscular function will dramatically decrease the risk of additional injuries.

PRO: A One-Stop Auto Shop for Your Body

To illustrate how we envision providing care to you, think of us as a one-stop car repair shop. An excellent mechanic has the expertise to address anything from routine service to high performance modifications. We realize that the first step in achieving high performance is through educating our clients in optimum body mechanics and movement—essentially providing routine maintenance services. These practices keep the body functioning in the proper way.

When your body encounters injuries, much like a car requiring bigger repairs, we work with you to target the problem, fix it, and continue care throughout the recovery process. While sometimes the process may take a while, we believe in training you in the best way for eventual improvement in the quality of your life.

For those with goals to enhance their performance, we offer personalized services to train and improve your ability to excel in whatever you choose. We will challenge you in a safe but invigorating environment to give you a competitive edge.

No matter your physical needs, PRO strives to provide the help and support, and with your hard work, we believe fitness at your desired level is possible.