The PRO training method teaches the brain and body to operate as efficiently as possible. We focus on improving neural pathways and training your brain to communicate with your muscles effectively. With our cutting edge exercise, training techniques, and incorporation of the ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) electrical stimulation modality, this communication can be enhanced to increase muscular activation, muscular recruitment, strength, and power.

We realize that the quality of your exercise is more important than the quantity. Therefore, we strive to teach exemplary posture, muscular activation, stability, mobility, strength, coordination, and power. As you progress through your training, you will understand how your body is designed to move and you will learn about the care that is needed for it to function optimally. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the PRO training method and will become more proficient at the other physical activities they enjoy.

Our program uses unconventional methods that are shown to be extremely safe on your muscles and joints while producing extraordinary results. With each training session, you will receive supervised coaching, an individualized exercise program created specifically for you, and invaluable education in proper orthopedic care.

Our goal is to improve daily activities and performance body function. We will provide you with education and assistance to help you meet your fitness goals for today and for a lifetime.